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Chapter History

About Us
The  Spartanburg, SC Chapter was the first BARBER SHOP HARMONY SOCIETY  Chapter in South Carolina. It was organized on February 10, 1951. The  "stem winder" of this first Chapter in Spartanburg was Hubert L.  Rawlins.

This Chapter was sponsored by the Asheville, NC Chapter which was the largest Chapter in the Society at that time.

Unfortunately,  the Chapter did not survive and turned in it's charter in 1953. John  McClement was the first Music Director and Lonnie Jennings was the first  President. The Chapter put on it first show on December 6, 1952 at the  brand new Memorial Auditorium.

It was several years later when  Warren T. Bowen moved to Spartanburg from Danville, Va. where he had  been an active Barbershopper. Being without barbershopping was more than  he could stand so he commuted to the Laurens County Chapter in Laurens,  SC, and in 1964 helped license a new Chapter in Spartanburg sponsored  by the Laurens County Chapter. Only One Charter member is still active  who is Dave Drum . Warren was the first president of the new Chapter.   The Spartanburg Chapter officially chartered in November 1965. The  Chapter meets on Monday night at the United Methodist Church in Duncan,  SC.

The first Music Director was Art Luther followed shortly by  Tom Taylor and then Warren Bowen (Our Founding Father).The present Music  Director is Dan Seaman.

The Spartanburg Chorus won the Dixie  District Chorus competition in 1970 and is always striving to win once  again the coveted competition. The Spartanburg "Palmetto Statesmen"  Chorus ranks in the upper third of the society's 800 chapters. It's  membership is 50 plus with men from every walk of life.

This  Acappella singing organization entertains for singing valentines, our  annual show, competition, churches, companies, parties, etc.  Contacts  can be made by calling (855) 7WE-SING.

The Palmetto Statesmen is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. We serve the Piedmont Area of North and South Carolina. Our members come from all walks of life, and all men are encouraged to stop by any Monday night to listen to us practice and sing with us.
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